array getdailycounts( params )


Retrieve daily counts of events for a single calendar month.



possible keys for params:

'year' - 4 digit year in YYYY format - OR - a string value of "last", "next", or "this". defaults to current year. used when you need a month in a year other than the current year. only allows the previous year, the current year, and the next year. if the current year is 2012 then the only valid values are 2011, 2012, or 2013 (using the above string values will calculate this for you)

'month' - defaults to current month in M format (1 through 12). this can either be passed as a digit between 1 and 12 (where 1 is January), or as a string with the full name of the month (e.g. "january", "february", "September"). when passing a month name, it is case insensitive

'timezone' - the timezone for which you want to show datecounts. defaults to the timezone of the current site being viewed. valid values can be found here: