string circulation_pro_self_service_url( service_id, referer_url )


Get the full URL to which users should be directed to log them in to the circulation pro system automatically.

A non-caching controller URL which will check all Mediaspan services and forward the user appropriately will be returned unconditionally.



Pass a valid MediaSpan service ID as this to restrict checks this would make and generating a URL use only that service.


Optional referrer URL to override REQUEST referer_url. If omitted, attempts to fill from REQUEST. If neither found, referer_url will not be sent in the URL params.


The URL to which the currently logged-in user should be directed to automatically log them in to administrate their account on the circulation pro system if one could be determined; if this returns null, you may send them to the cms.mediaspan.new_subscriber_url URL, assuming that does not also return null.

IMPORTANT: Returns null unconditionally if not enabled as per cms.mediaspan.circulation_pro_enabled.