array most_viewed( maximum, section, period, type, maxage, exclude_section )


Retrieve a list of assets that have been viewed sorted by popularity



The maximum number of results to return. The largest amount of results that can be returned is 25. Defaults to 10.


The section to restrict asset inquires too


The range of days to base popularity against. Can be one of: daily, monthly, weekly, or rolling_week. Weekly covers a range of Sunday to Saturday based on the current day. Monthly covers the entire current month. Daily is just the current day. The rolling_week option is a window from the current day back 7 days. The default is rolling_week as this option is the only one that won't have 'blank' periods of time at the beginning of the day, week, and month.


Restrict asset inquires to a specific asset type


The maximum number of days old an asset can be before it is skipped in the results. This can be used to prevent an asset from maintaining high popularity because it is always #1 and continues to be clicked on long after it is old news or continues to receive high comment traffic.


One or more sections that should be ignored for results. The section must be relative path from /.


Returns an array of assets in popular order