string render( options )


Generate the HTML necessary to render the video.



Options to pass to the renderer. Not all video types will use all options:

controls (bool)
Pass false to disable user control of the video.
autoplay (bool)
Pass true to enable autoplay of the video.
loop (bool)
Pass true to play the video in a loop.
muted (bool)
Pass true to start the video with the audio muted.
preload (string)
A value to set for the video player's preload attribute. Defaults to "none".
data_attributes (assoc)
Name/value pairs to set as data-* attributes on the video player element. The attribute names should be specified without their data- prefixes.
inner_html (string)
HTML to insert inside the player element.
player_id (string)
ID to attach to the video player element.
player_class (string)
CSS class name(s) to attach to the video player element.
container_width (int)
Width of the video's container.
container_height (int)
Height of the video's container.


HTML which will render the video.