object messages( params )


This will return a page-able list of message objects.



possible keys:

limit - the amount of messages to return

sort - an array in the format of:

'field' => 'direction'

example: "name" => "DESC"

multiple sorts are done in the order defined

possible sort fields: starttime, createtime, status, author, asset_app, sent, failed

status - search by status. valid values are: sent, sending, pending, failed

asset_id - search by associated asset uuid

asset_app - search by associated asset app name

author - search for messages created by a certain user (uuid) - only available to admins/superadmins

starttime - search by start/sent time of message. see description for "createtime" below

createtime - array in the format of:

'createtime' => array( 'from' => '2012-12-01 00:00:00', 'to' => 'today' )

where 'from' and 'to' are both values that can be parsed by php's DateTime object. the combined values are used as a range. if one is not passed, then it means the range is open-ended in one direction.


TNCMS_Template_Adapter_Iterator object