What are query size settings? Query size settings allow you to control the number of assets a block displays, as well as the first item it displays within a set of results.

How do I change the query size - overview

Changing the Query Size settings

 In the bottom right corner of the block, click on Change to open the Change query size popup. 

1 - How do I change the query size

 Make your changes to these settings and click OK.

How do I change the query size - default

Max items: Enter the maximum number of assets the block will display. Any pinned assets will count against this limit. For more on pinned assets, see How do I use pinned assets? 

ALERT: The number entered must be 50 or less. An asset block cannot display more than 50 assets.

First item: To understand the first item setting, we must first understand that when assets are queried, they return in an array (an ordered series or arrangement). In this array, each asset/item has a number associated with it (the image below shows numbers to help illustrate this). 

How do I change query size settings - first item

This can be useful with large lists of assets. For example, since each block can only have a max of 50 assets, you could have a block that shows assets 1-50, and then a block below it that shows assets 51-100. In the 2nd block, the First item setting would need to be set at 51. 

Another example is when you're splitting up query results into multiple blocks for presentation purposes (when the max number of assets isn't an issue), as in the example below. 


We have an Entertainment page, where we currently have one block that lists all the Celebrity news. 

ex1 - How do I change the query size settings

We want to make this content more visually interesting, so we're going to split the content up into two blocks. The first block (BLOCK 1) will have a large image presentation, so it will only display 1 asset (the newest asset). The second block (BLOCK 2) will display all the other assets, starting with the 2nd newest asset. 

ex1 - 2 - How do I change query site settings?

 Click Change to open the Change Query size popup, and change the number of Max items to 1. Click OK.

ex1 - 3 - How do I change query size settings

Thus resulting in 1 asset in BLOCK 1. 

ex1 - 4 - How do I change query size settings

 In our example, we're going to clone the block, so we don't have to recreate our query rules in a 2nd block. For information on cloning a block, see How do I clone a block? 

Once we've cloned the block, we're going to open up the cloned block (BLOCK 2), and make the following changes: 

Max items: 10 - Since BLOCK 2 will have all the other assets, we need to increase the max number up again.  

First item: 2 - Because BLOCK 1 has the first item, as far as the newest celebrity article, we don't want BLOCK 2 to ALSO show the first article, so we want this block's list of articles to start with the second story, so we set the First item to 2. 

ex1 - 5 - How do I change query size settings

This results in BLOCK 2 starting with the 2nd story. 

ex1 - 6 - How do I change query size settings

 Now we have two different blocks (BLOCK 1 and BLOCK 2).

In order to make BLOCK 1 display a new, large presentation, we will go to the Appearance tab and change the block template to "Card: Showcase". 

How do I change query size settings - final