Utility: Promo front end

This block template creates a promo box using a PDF or page asset.  Also included are a customizable text box and multiple customizable links.

Note: This block is available as the following block types: Editorial, Business, Calendar, Classifieds, and e-Editions. The type of assets the block pulls in is dependent on the block type in which it was created. 

Utility: Promo - Appearance Properties

Utility: Promo appearance tab
Property Description
Block Title Sets the Title of the block to identify the content on the front end - there is no character limit
Title Link URL Sets the URL you will be taken to if the Block Title is clicked on
Open in New Window Sets the link URL to open in a new browser window
Block Title
Block title emhpasis This sets the font size of the Block Title.
Block title background color This sets the background color for the block title, which overrides any default them heading background color.
Block title text color This sets the block title text color. This overrides any default theme heading text color.
Block title note This adds an informational note below the block title.
Links position Sets the location of the block links, which are defined under the Links tab
Block Content Width This will define the width of the blocks content based on the following settings:
  • Fill the containing region (default)
  • Fill the containing region up to the max width of the site container.
Block Bottom Margin This will set the bottom margin of the block based on the following settings:
  • Standard (default)
  • None
Block Background Color This sets the colored box around the block and all of its content.
Card Background Color This sets the colored box around the asset card.
Text color This property will change the asset card's text colors. It is typically used to create contrast with the background color box.
Headline size This property sets the size of the asset's headline.
Text Sets the text accompanying the search form.
Show asset type icons This property toggles the display of asset type icons. If this property is set to "inherit", the setting will inherit from the URL.
CSS Class
CSS Class Allows you to use a CSS Class to style the block and/or show/hide the block based on device sizes - ie: hidden-lg (hides on desktop) visible-sm (visible on smart phone)
Template Information A description of the block template
Edit/Change Template Allows you to edit or change the block template