The Authors field serves multiple purposes across the BLOX CMS, allowing admins to assign assets to a particular user, and allowing readers to Follow and contact Authors on the front end.

Use cases:


Adding Authors

1. Authors must be a registered user of the site, and is generally an admin on your site, although they do not have to be.

For more information about registered users see Accounts.

Authors can be added manually, or you can be added as the author automatically when you create a new asset. The Byline and Tagline fields (if there is one for that asset) can also be filled in automatically when an author is added to the asset.

2a. Manually Add an Author

  • To manually add an author to an asset click the + icon in the top-right corner of the Authors field. this will open the Find user popup.
  • You can manually scroll through the list of users to find the one you are looking for, or you can narrow your search by entering a full or partial name or email address into the Query field and clicking the Search button. You can also narrow your search by changing the Type of user to select either an Admin, a Normal (reader), or searching Both.
  • Select one or more users to add to the Authors field. To select multiple authors hold the CTRL key and click on multiple names to select non-consecutive names, or hold the Shift key and click the top and bottom names in the range you wish to select.

2b. Automatically Adding an Author

  • To automatically add as the author when you click New asset go to Logged in as in the upper-right corner of the desktop and click to access the drop down. Mouse over Preferences, then Default asset author, and click on Yes to have yourself set as the author every time you create a new asset, or No if you do not want to be set as the author each time you create a new asset.
  • These preference settings become attached to your account and will be set regardless of what device you log in on.

3.  If the Byline and Tagline fields in user account are filled out, these fields will populate automatically (if there is one for that asset). For more information see Accounts.