NOTE: You need Email Rech entitlements to be able to access Email Reach. Please contact your sales rep if you want to add Email Reach to your site.

Create a New List

 From the dropdown in the the upper left choose Community / Email Reach (Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here).

Create a new mailing list.

In the New List window, fill in the following fields. For more information, Click Here).


3a   Title (Required) will be seen by you readers so they can identify what email list they are signing up for. Ex. News Updates

3b  From Name (Required) is the name displayed beside the 'from' email address on all emails sent using this list. Ex. Newspaper Name

3c  Priority determines what order lists will be displayed. This works like Display Priority on Editorial Assets. The higher the number the higher up in the list this list will appear.

3d  Internal ID is set by the BLOX system and identifies the list in our database. The Internal ID will be populated automatically when you click Save.

3e  Anonymous when checked, allows the reader to sign up for this list without being registered on your site, or if they are already registered, they do not need to be signed in.

3f  Business allows you to associate a list with a Business from Marketplace / Businesses. For more information see How do I add/remove a Marketplace / Businesses to a list in Email Reach. For more information on Marketplace / Businesses see Business Workspace.

3g  Contact Limit sets the maximum number of people allowed to sign up for the list. If this is set to "0", there is no cap for the list. charges based on the peak number of contacts  signed up (not the number of emails sent) for the given month. Setting this allows the customer to control how many people are signed up. For information concerning costs please contact your sales rep. For more information see Email Reach Workspace

3h  Hide allows you to hide this mail list from the front end. It will still be available in the admin.

3i  Display on Signup allows this list to be displayed for selection on the intial user signup form.

3j  Description is displayed on the front end so that your users know exactly what they can expect from this list.

Click Save then Close.

Importing a List

Click on the dropdown arrow on New and select Import.


The Import Lists window opens - Make your selection(s) and click on Import.


To Edit the list, click on it (it loads in the application) and now you can do any of the following:

  • Edit the Contacts
  • Set up Campaigns
  • Edit the Properties of the List - double click on Edit on the toolbar

Note:  If your Constant Contact Account ID (credentials) are used on multiple sites, or you have lists created through Constant Contact directly, they will be pulled into the Import Lists window but ONLY IF they were created under the same Account ID. You cannot Import a Blox List from another Blox Site that was created under a different Account ID.

Note:  If you have multiple Lists on Constant Contact and if any of them are already on your current site, the Import List window will only show those lists from Constant Contact that are not already on your current site.

Constant Contact Toolkit Accounts

A Toolkit Account is a new account type that Constant Contact offers. All account users are being switched over to the Toolkit account type. It restricts how many Admin Users an account have to just one. The following applies to a Constant Contact Admin account:

  • All old (non-toolkit) Constant Contact accounts still offer the ability to have more than one admin user.
  • For old (non-toolkit) Constant Contact accounts that have since moved to toolkit accounts, all admin users were grandfathered in.
  • For all new toolkit Constant Contact accounts, they are limited to one admin user.