Note: If you will be charging for anything through this product you will need a Payment Handler. For more information see Payment Handlers.

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The Form Submissions Workspace is where you manage the form submissions/entries provided by end users. In other words, the details that users submit when filling out forms. Forms are submitted by front-end users for everything from making a wedding announcement to placing a classified ad, to paying a bill.


From the drop-down in the the upper left choose Community / Form Submission...

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The Form Submissions workspace is divided into two sections:

  1. Search Terms: Found on the left, allows you to drill down to find the form you want.
  2. Search Results: Found to the right of Search Terms, this displays the outcome of what you were searching for.
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Search Terms

You can search Form Submissions using Search Terms. You can use multiple Search Terms to build a query at the same time and when you're done with the search, click the Reset button to view all forms again.

  • Search Text - Can be used to search for any word or phrase.
  • Start Date - Allows you to search by specified date ranges.
  • Title - Allows you to choose submissions from specific forms, by choosing the title of the form.
  • Processed - Uses check boxes to select whether a form is New or Complete. Each submission (once opened) has a Save as Processed button. This helps staff to reconcile submitted forms. 
  • Payment Form - Allows you to search by form submissions that included a credit card transaction. 
  • Deleted Submissions - Will provide the ability to view deleted submissions. The default view is of submissions that are Not Deleted

Search Results

You can View, Export, or Delete form submissions.  Select the form submission you want to review, then select View.

Form Sub Search Results View

This will open a new Form Viewer window.

Note: If the form has not been processed yet, the OK button will not appear. There will be a Saved As Processed button there instead.

9 forms sub overview.jpg

Copy Record brings up a "clean" version that is easy to copy and paste elsewhere.

If the record you select is a Payment form, you can elect to refund the transaction. Click on Refund Transaction and a dialogue window will open asking you to enter a reason for the refund.  You can View the Transaction by going to Marketplace / Transactions from the dropdown menu on your BloxCMS Admin (to learn more, Click Here).

When viewing a Transaction, depending on the type, you'll see Credit in the upper right corner of the View Form Transaction window.  Here you can initiate a Refund as well.  Otherwise, you'll see the options to Capture or Void the transaction.

10 forms sub overview.jpg
  • Capture - Capturing this transaction will deduct $0.00 USD from the users account. Do you wish to continue?  Yes or No!
  • Void - Voiding this transaction will release the funds and make them unavailable for capture. Do you wish to continue?  Yes or No!

Export Record allows you to download a .csv file of that particular record.

Note: Submission time will only appear on the .CSV if you choose the Export All selection. The ability to see submission time for a single record will be released at a later time.

You can select one or multiple results and click Export. The drop down will allow you to choose between Export All, Export Selected, Export HTML, or Export Zip. This will download your selected form as .CSV files.

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The Delete button will delete the record.