Troubleshooting push notifications in BLOX Notifier is difficult because there are many services involved, all communicating with each other.

Firstly, a message is created in BLOX Notifier, either manually or based on automatic publisher rules. Looking at the asset will tell you if more than one message was sent out accidentally.

That message is the sent through to Google Firebase. In the BLOX Notifier application, each sent message has a tab that says Log on it, which will contain any log information about your message. Here you will see any information about whether or not BLOX CMS was able to communicate it message through to Firebase. It may show an error or it may show that everything went through OK.

Next, it is possible there can be an issue with Google Firebase. Maybe it is not configured correctly, or maybe the correct IDs were not plugged in to the settings in the BLOX Notifier panel.

If Firebase is not configured correctly, you may see an error on the front end when a user tries to sign up for it.

And lastly, Firebase communicates the message out to the user's browser or mobile phone. It is possible that a user may be having an issue where their browser is not letting them receive notifications.

This may be because they have already blocked this app, or all apps from sending them messages. They can manage their browser blocks here.

If you continue to have issues with notifications, please contact our Customer Support team.

Twitter has a daily status update limit. See About Twitter limits for more information.