Setting up automatic notification rules

Each channel has automatic publish rules which govern if and when content will be sent to that channel automatically.

To set up automatic notification rules, open one of your channels and click on the “Automatic Notification Rules” tab. It is recommended to create a limited rule so that you don’t overwhelm your users with too many updates.

Automatic publish rules

For example, you may want to choose asset type of “article” and “collection” to ensure those are the only types of assets that get automatically pushed. You may also want to add a flag rule and a section rule.

Note that, like block query rules, options within each rule are considered an “or” statement, whereas multiple rules are considered an “and” statement.

Enabling automatic notifications

Once you have your rules set up, you can enable your automatic notification trigger, or automatic alerts, by going to Community -> Notifier -> Application settings -> Automatic Notifications Settings and click the checkbox next to “Enable automatic notify.”

If something goes wrong and you are sending out too many notifications, or something is happening that you don’t expect, you can also disable automatic publishing by removing the check on this checkbox.

Also, this is where you may set a time frame during which an asset’s start time must be within in order to be eligible for automatic alerts. If you set this to be 15 minutes, that means that an asset whose start time is 1 hour ago will not be automatically sent to any channels.

This setting helps avoid unwanted misfires when a syndication job, or another import, creates a bunch of assets you may not be familiar with.