A “target” is an individual application or platform that has been integrated with BLOX CMS and is available for messaging. A “channel” is a group of targets that will all be messaged together.

For example, let’s say you set up a Twitter account for your organization, a Facebook account for your organization, a breaking news push notification feed, and a Email Reach breaking news newsletter. All of these targets can be grouped together into a single “Breaking News” channel. Whenever the “Breaking News” channel is hit with a new message, it will be relayed to all of those targets at once!

You can have multiple channels containing the same targets that are in other channels. You can also have a channel with one target.

To create a new channel, just go to Community -> Notifier -> Application settings -> Channels -> New. You must give the channel a name, and the select the targets from the list below in order to add them to your channel.

create - edit channel popup

If you don’t see a target you expect, walk through the set up for that target’s platform again and make sure it is available, and then refresh the Notifier application to ensure it has the correct connections. When finished, click “save.”