We have enhanced Scheduling options to facilitate ramping users to a new rate after a specified promotional timeframe.

Rate Lifecycle

  • Rate does not end - You would choose this option in the rate lifecycle in order to provide a rate to a customer that you want to continue for an extended period of time. You can always end the rate or schedule it to end at a later date.

  • Rate will end on … - Choose this option if you want the rate to end on a specific day. If you set up the rate to end in conjunction with the “Rate will end after a number of billing cycles” be sure to not end until the number of billing cycles have passed since the rate has stopped being available for purchase.

  • Available to purchase until …  - This will set the date the offer ends and becomes unavailable for purchase.


  • Total Transaction at this Rate - This includes the initial purchase transaction and is the total number of times the user will be billed at this rate.

  • Recurring transactions will expire without renewal - Choose this setting if you would like users that have purchased this rate to see new rates that you have available instead of automatically transitioning to a different rate.

  • Recurring transactions will transition to … - This you would use when utilizing a promo rate and ramping to a standard rate or possibly doing a rate increase.

Promo Codes

  • Promo codes can be defined and be assigned to work with one or more rates. 

  • You can also assign multiple promo codes to allow purchase of a rate.  

  • A specific rate can be configured to require a promo code for purchase, but you can also make a promotional rate available to all users without a promo code.