Note:  To use ClickItRewards, you must have Rondino Subscription Software installed on your site.  For assistance, contact your Regional Sales Representative or call our Customer Support - (800) 293-9576.

Once the software is installed, Rondino will provide you with the API Key you'll need for ClickItRewards.  If you do, you can set up ClickItRewards on your site.

 Log into your BLOXCMS Admin.

 From the dropdown in the the upper left choose Settings / ClickItRewards (Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here).

This will open up the ClickItRewards window.


1 API Key - Enter the API Key provided by Rondino.

2 Brand Name - Enter the Brand Name you want to use (e.g. OurGreatRewards).  If left blank, it defaults to "ClickItRewards."

3 Enable - Check the checkbox to Enable ClickItRewards.  This will activate the service on the front end of your site.

4 Subscription Access - Here you can opt to enable ClickItRewards for All Subscription Services or Restrict Access to specific services.

5 Add - Use this if you opt to restrict access.

6 Save - Saves your entries but does not close the window.  Cancel will close the window.

 If you need to restrict access to a service, click on the Add button and the Select Services window will open up.

 Check the service you want to restrict and click on the Select button.


 Once you click Select, the Select Services window will close.  You'll notice the service now appears in the Subscription Access area.  To remove it, click on it and click Remove or click on the Add button and uncheck it in the Select Services window.


That's it.  Services will appear on the front end of your site.