BLOX Subscription renews users three days in advance of the current expiration date, creating a new credit card transaction to take into consideration a credit card has insufficient funds. This is hard-coded within the application and cannot be changed.

WARNING: If you attempt to cancel the subscription within that three day period, the subscription will be cancelled BUT the transaction will still be processed (up to three times).

Ex: A customer calls and asks to cancel their subscription because they know they will not have sufficient funds to cover the payment. If this is withing the three day period the transaction process will already have started and cannot be stopped. Therefore the customer could receive three separate attempts on their bank account and any bank charges related to insufficient funds.

A credit card may be tried up to three times and fail for any temporary reason - whether network congestion, insufficient funds, PayPal configuration issues, etc - before the subscription expires and processing recurring payments on it are no longer valid.  

No matter what the rate they purchase with is, the system will attempt to renew three days before the term actually expires.

Since the transaction occurs three days early, there can be concern that the customer is not getting every day, what they paid for. Even though the transaction process starts early, the actual Expire/Start Dates for the subscription do not change:

Assuming a 30 Day Recurring Rate with no Trial:

  • day 1: initial purchase

  • day 27: first renewal 1st try
  • day 28: first renewal 2nd try (if needed)
  • day 29: first renewal 3rd try (if needed)
  • day 30: initial purchase expires, first renewal starts (regardless of which try it succeeded at, assuming it did succeed)

  • day 57: second renewal 1st try
  • day 58: second renewal 2nd try (if needed)
  • day 59: second renewal 3rd try (if needed)
  • day 60: first renewal expires, second renewal starts (regardless of which try it succeeded at, assuming it did succeed)

This carries on as such and the Renewed Subscription begins one second after the expiring subscription ends.