The customer will need access to Settings / Webservice Keys from the dropdown in the upper-left corner of the BLOX admin. If you do not have access to Settings / Webservice Keys please contact TownNews Customer Support at 800-296-9576 to either gain access or have CS create the Webservice Key and Secret.

Note: To find a list of all Webservice Keys available, go to your website (domain) and append to the end of it /tncms/webservice. An example:

  If you do have access, click the New button in the Manage Webservice Key window. 

1 - webservice keys

  Give the key a name.

Best Practice: Name the key after the service that you are creating the key for, such as Verve.

  Check the User and Subscription checkboxes.

  Click the Create Key button.

2 - webservice keys

  This will give you the Key and Secret. Copy this information down, and click the OK button.

3 - webservice keys

  You can get the Key and Secret by clicking on the key and clicking the Edit button.

5 - webservice keys.png

  If you change 3rd-party vendors, or no longer need this key for any other reason, you should delete the key, by selecting on the key and clicking Delete.

4 - webservice keys.png

To Find Available API Keys: