User Accounts is where you manage Admin and Normal (reader) accounts for your website. This is NOT Subscription. Users are often required to register in order to comment on assets.

NOTE: To work with this BLOX application you will need to be granted access in Settings / Users / Groups. If you do not see this application in the drop-down in the upper-left of your BLOX CMS desktop, or for more information about groups and getting access to different parts of your BLOX CMS admin please see Groups - Recommendations / Best Practices. The site administrator at your location should be able to grant you access, or you can contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX CMS admin (for more information see Ticket Workspace) or by going to TownNews.com Customer Support. Or you can call 800-293-9576.


User Accounts is divided into three sections:

  • Search Terms: On the left side allows an Admin user to search for user accounts using one or all of the following parameters: Search text, Account type, Administrative group, Banned status, Deleted status and Authentication mode.
  • Search Results This area contains the current search results.  From here, you can add New user accounts, Edit the currently selected account, Change Type change the account type from Normal to Admin or Admin to Normal, Ban/Unban an account, and Delete an account.
  • Application SettingsThe panel in the upper right corner allows those with the proper security access to modify the Authentication Settings, Security Groups ,Signup blocking rules, Public profiles and User contribution.



  • The Search Results area of the User Accounts Workspace is where information about the user's accounts is displayed. In this area there are buttons to create a New account, Edit an account, Change Type, Ban/Unban and Delete accounts.
  • For more information see User Accounts Workspace - Search Result.


  • User Accounts Application Settings is where you set up new services, set which URL's are protected by what Rule Profiles, and allow Linked Accounts to be used. For more information see User Accounts Workspace - Application Settings.

Creating a New User Account

You can manually add a reader to a service by creating a new transactions through the BLOX admin using the Subscription Wizard.

For more information see Creating a New Transaction.

View or Edit a User Account

To edit an existing user account you can either double click on it or select it and choose the Edit button in the upper right corner of the main panel. This will bring up the Edit user account window.

For more information see View or Edit a User Account.