If you have a theme or subject that you want grouped together in a single block, you can leverage keywords to pull content into one spot. 

  1. Decide on the keyword that you want to use. Keep it one or two words, no more than three. 
  2. Place the keyword on all associated editorial content, including articles, images, videos, polls, and other related content. Use a # if don't want the keyword to appear on assets.
  3. Open Design Blocks
  4. Select the URL you want the block to appear on. Remember that blocks will inherit down to sub-sections.
  5. Choose the block you want to use 
  6. Open the Query Rules
  7. Click Add. This will open the rule types.
  8. Select Keywords and click Continue
  9. Choose With Keyword(s)
  10. Click Add
  11. Enter the keyword you decided on. If you used a # on your articles, you will need to enter it here.
  12. Finish setting up the block. Save and close.
  13. Save your block layout changes.