Normal article caching is 5 minutes. For time sensitive content, you can shorten that time to less then 1 minute.

When the following conditions are met, the server cache is purged, and the affected block and the article page is refreshed immediately:

1  The article asset must have a Breaking, DevelopingFeature, Top StorySpotlight, or Urgent flag (for more information on flags, see the Tags documentation).

2  The asset must have been originally posted within the previous 24 hours.

3  The block must be on the homepage AND have a Query Rule for: Operation: With flag  Flags: Breaking, DevelopingFeature, Top StorySpotlight, or Urgent.


This clearing of the server cache does not affect either your browser cache, or that of your reader.  Therefore, you may want to force your browser to refresh when testing.  To do so on a Windows computer, use CTRL + F5.  On a Mac, Command + R.  And when using Linux, click F5. 

To maintain the stability of the entire system, using these flags to clear the server cache should be done sparingly.  BLOX CMS will limit its use to once every few minutes for each publication.