If you want users to be able to sign up for mailing lists, without having a user account, a new customization to the Mail List: Signup block allows you to let users sign up with just their email addresses.


Before you can use the “Require User Account” customization on your block, you have to take some steps to ensure that it will function correctly on your website.

To begin you need to create a new URL, which can be found in the settings menu. The name of the URL can be whatever you want, but it is important that this URL not be deleted or used for anything else. While creating the URL select the option to “Set URL’s own application and skin. You want to set the application to “mailinglist” and the application skin to “base.”

1 mailing list email.jpg

In Flex, you have to have your subscriptions already set up (Desktop > Community > Subscriptions).


By default the Mail List: Signup block requires that subscribers have a user account when signing up for a mail list. This can be bypassed by enabling the “Require User Account” template customization and selecting “false.”

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The other features of this block are discussed on the Mail List: Signup page.

What you should see

On the front end of your website you should now see a list of mail list with checkboxes next to them, an area for user email addresses, and a subscribe button. Users can now select the list they want to sign up for, enter their email address, and hit subscribe.

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Users will still have to complete an email verification process to complete the signup.