The Blocks application offers creation and management of the layout of content on your site. Control the assets (editorial content) a block pulls in, the template (appearance and functionality) of the block, and how to place a block.


"Getting Started with Blocks" Video Series

"Creating a Content Block" Video Series

Learn how to use the different types of query rules to determine which assets you're going to include or exclude from a block, including the different rules per block type.

Learn how to pin (manually assign) assets to a block, how to control the number of assets that will display, and how to hide/show the details of the assets within the query results window. 

Learn how to add a title, change the template (which controls the look and behavior of the block) alter page customizations that are unique per block template, and an overview of the CSS class field. 

Name, describe and tag a block to easily find it later when searching existing blocks. You can also disable a block and learn the URLs the block is placed on from this tab. 

Want to display a block on a different website? Use the widget tab to copy embed (iframe) code, which you can place on a 3rd party website. 

Misc. Videos

Our templates utilize Bootstrap's CSS infrastructure, and because of this, we can take advantage of Bootstrap's responsive utility CSS classes. This video will illustrate how to show and hide a block with specific CSS classes from