Creating a form


From the drop-down in the the upper left choose Design / Forms...

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1 - How do I create a form.png

In Forms click New, then click New Form.

2 - How do I create a form.png

In the New Form window, enter the Form Name.

3 - How do I create a form.png

Click on URL drop-down. This will open the Select URL window.

In the list find the URL you want this form to reside at. When you assign a form to a URL, it automatically creates a virtual URL below that for the form itself based on the name you gave the form. So you could wind up with a URL like /forms/help_site_test_form.

Forms can ONLY be assigned to a URL that is using the forms application skin. For more information on URLs, see URLs.

Click OK.

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The form will load in the Layout window. From here you can start building your form. For an explanation of each option in Fields, see Forms Workspace

Best Practices: You should save your work often using Save Form. You can also leave Design / Forms and come back whenever you need to, as long as you save your work first.

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Use View to view your form. View Live let's you see your form as your readers will see it. Preview allows you to see and test your form without it actually processing credit cards.

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Submissions can be used to view form submissions after your form is in use.

6 - How do I create a form.png

Properties is where you change the form URL, set up email addresses, etc. For an explanation of each option in Edit Form Properties see Forms Workspace.

Common items you can change here are:

Title - the title of the form.

URL - is you need to change what URL the form is assigned to.

Email properties, like Subject of the receipt that is sent to the customer, and the email address of the Sender; and Recipient to designate email addresses of staff members that should be notified when this form is filled out.

After making changes click OK.

NOTE:There is no close button, but you must Save your work before leaving Design / Forms.