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Site Templates determine how your site will be designed.  Site Templates have a Global style.  TownNews uses these Site Templates as the core templates for all sites.

How To Determine What Template Set You Are On

There are two sets of core templates in Design / Templates; Site templatesFlex.

To determine which templates you are using, go to Design / Templates / Site templates / Skins / Editorial. If the name Flex (if you have a Flex website) is highlighted in blue, this is the set of templates you are using. If not, check in Design / Templates / Flex / Skins / Editorial for the the same thing.

Note: Eventually all sites will be using the Flex Template Library based on the type of your website. Currently, it does not matter what set of templates you are on because the Site Templates are the core templates for Flex. These core templates are how TownNews rolls out new templates, and we are transitioning from Site Templates to Flex.

If you create a new URL map (see URLs),  you will be able to decide which Template Library you are using. If this is the case, best practice would be to choose Flex.

flex Site templates library.jpg

Inheritance (Global Vs Application)

The “Application” folders (Skins, Blocks, and Components) are where TownNews’ certified files reside. These are core files created by TownNews that are used across all sites, and cannot be changed by customers. 

The “Global” folders are where customers store custom files.

  • Templates in “Global” will override the TownNews core templates in the “Application” folder.
  • In “Global” you have three main folders:
  • includes
  • resources
  • templates

'includes' - These store custom *.inc.utl files here. These files allow you to change how a photo could be displayed on your asset page.  Ex:, and

'resources' - These store custom images such as .gifs for buttons, icons for file types; custom javascript files; and the site.css file you will access to make CSS changes to your site.

'templates' - These store custom templates, such as index.html.utl, front.html.utl, or content.article.html.utl. These are the base files that your index and asset pages are built on.


Customizing Your Website (Flex)

If you are using Site Templates you will use the Global folder (Design / Templates / Site templates / Global Skins. This may contain one or more sub-folders; the name of the folder you should be using is highlighted in blue.

If you want to change the homepage of your website and you are using Site Templates, go to Design / Templates / Site Templates / Global Skins templates (global folder highlighted blue