TownNews integrates myCapture with BLOX allowing users to increase the value of their photo archives by selling the images directly to consumers as high-quality photographs and photo gifts. TownNews customers can upload a high-resolution photo with an article, and have a Buy This Photo link automatically appear with the photo. This button would link to that photos myCapture page.

NOTE: TownNews does not charge a setup fee to add photo fulfillment to your site, but there may be fees associated with myCapture.

Enable myCapture or BLOX Photo Sales for Flex


From the drop-down in the the upper left choose Settings / URLs...

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Photo sales Pg Custom

Select the URL you want to enable Photo Sales on (for the entire site, select the root URL) then click on Edit.

  • Click on Page Customizations.
  • Scroll down to Photo Sales and click to expand those properties.
  • Check the checkbox for Vendor and select myCapture or BLOX Photo sales.
    • If you are using BLOX Photo sales there are no other changes in this setting. 
    • If you are using myCapture:
      • Enter the Vendor Domain (ie: test.mycapture.com).
      • If you are using a myCapture Pricing Sheet, enter the ID, otherwise, leave it blank.

Save changes and reload layout

Click Save or Save changes and reload layout

NOTE: For more information about Flex Page Customizations, Click Here.

To Enable myCapture or BLOX Photo Sales For Zen


From the drop-down in the the upper left choose Settings / Site...

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Under Custom Properties, add the site custom property accordingly.

  • NAME = photo_vendor and VALUE = mycapture (all lowercase).
  • If you are using a custom myCapture domain, that can be set using the domain custom property, NAME = photo_vendor and VALUE = the Value of the custom domain set in myCapture.

NOTE: For more information about Zen Site Custom Properties, Click Here.

Editorial / Assets Application Settings

application settings panel hi-res

This setup creates a "Buy photo" link for images with high resolution available. What constitutes a high resolution image is set in Settings / Editorial / Asset settings in the BLOX admin. Default for most sites will be 1100 x 1100px (you may have to click on the 'gear' icon in the upper right hand corner to open Asset Settings).

High Resolution Image

hi-res in asset

If an image has a high resolution version, it will indicate that on the Image asset's 'Other' tab in the admin (From BLOX CMS Desktop - Go To Editorial / Assets then click on New Asset dropdown button and click on Image). A hi-res version can be uploaded under Other as well.

If the image meets any of the following criteria, it will NOT display with the "Buy now" link:

  • The image is not high resolution
  • The image is from the Classifieds or Businesses application
  • The image has been syndicated by the Content Exchange Network
  • The image has a byline that contains '(courtesy' or 'associated press' The parenthesis is required for contributed photos. 
  • The image has a caption that contains 'contributed photo' or 'ap photo' 
  • The image is flagged with 'AP' or 'Contributed'
  • The image is tagged with a keyword of '#nosale' or '#ap'

Note:  If you use the Keyword #nosale, #ap or the asset has the AP or Contributed flags, the Image, or all Image assets included in a Collection asset will not display the "Buy Now" button if Photo Sales is enabled and set up.  If there are specific photos you do not want to sell, then the #nosale keyword should be added to those individual photos, not the Collection asset itself.

 "Buy now" example:

buy now mycapture example

NOTE: myCapture works with Image assets, and Collection assets containing images. You would only be able to purchase one image at a time, you could not purchase an entire Collection at once. You can also use myCapture to purchase e-Edition pages.