New account on-boarding

To get started, you’ll need the following:

  • A payment account: Fotomoto requires that a Stripe (preferred) and/or PayPal payment account be connected to your Fotomoto account - that is where payments go when you receive orders. Stripe is preferred because the checkout process requires less steps - customers can complete their purchase inside the Fotomoto shopping cart, where if you're using PayPal your customer is redirected to PayPal's website to make their payment. You can also connect both Stripe and PayPal so your customers can pay via credit card or via PayPal.
  • A way to pay for print and shipping costs: When you receive an order via Fotomoto, your payment account will be credited for the sale amount including shipping and any tax. Then you need to pay Fotomoto for the cost of making the prints and the shipping. Fotomoto can either charge your PayPal account or you can add a credit card to be charged instead.

1. Use the form below to create your Fotomoto account. It is important to use this form specifically so that:

- The set up will clone our example account, which automatically sets up a publisher-specific workflow tuned specifically to the BLOX CMS.

- In addition, you'll be part of our group account, so we will receive group statistics on your sales, which can be included in your analytics (Data Insights) in the future.

- Lastly, you will get free access to the "auto pickup" sales process, which is normally only part of upper tier accounts.

Sign up for Fotomoto:

For now, this is done via a ticket to TownNews. If this is not done via TownNews,  the integration will not work properly.

2. Open the email, which will be from Fotomoto, entitled “Welcome Email.”

Dear Christine,

Welcome to Fotomoto! Our partner website has enabled Fotomoto on your account to sell prints and other print-on-demand products.

Please click on the link below to go to Fotomoto's website to set up your password and change pricing and product offerings:[number]

If you run into any problems or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support team at

We hope you enjoy using Fotomoto!

--The Fotomoto Team

3. Make sure you are signed out of any other Fotomoto accounts. Click on the “activate” link.

4. Set up your account password:

Set password

5. Select your subscription plan:

Subscription plans

If you know you’ll do more than a few hundred dollars of sales each month, or if you want sub-stores to support other publications (for example, if you are part of a group), opt for the Pro Plus account. Note that the free plan does not allow you to add your logo to the widget.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. The monthly fees from Fotomoto are not pro-rated; you will pay for the subscription level where you are at when subscription plan payments are processed.

6. Next, you’ll need to choose your payment information. This will be used to receive payments from Fotomoto, as well as pay for prints.

Payment information

If you connect a PayPal account, the "Maximum pre-approval limit" is a limit on how much Fotomoto can charge your PayPal account for printing and shipping costs on an ongoing basis. Select the limit you are comfortable with, but note that when the limit is reached, your orders will stop processing automatically until you re-connect your PayPal account to set a new limit.

7. Choose “automatic” for photo processing. You will either need to add a credit card, or enable PayPal to pay for prints from your PayPal account.

Order processing

8. If you have a Pro or Pro Plus account, you can go to Settings -> Store Appearance to add your logo and change the button color on the widget.

The BLOX CMS integration with Fotomoto does not use the default Fotomoto BUY NOW button, so changes to that appearance will be ignored.

9. After your account is set up, get your store ID from the Settings panel. You will then need to go into the BLOX CMS admin, and go to the Photo Sales settings in the URL properties. You must set the photo vendor to "BLOX Photo Sales" and then enter your store ID in the Fotomoto Store ID setting. When you save the settings, the BUY NOW button will be live on any photos that qualify.