Native Advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. For example, an article written by an advertiser to promote their product, but using the same form as an article written by the editorial staff." - Wikipedia

For news publishers, this essentially means a "news article" that has been sponsored or paid for by an advertiser.

Zen Templates

On BLOX Zen templates, it is easy to set up a "highlighted" sponsored content slot which can be used for Native Advertising content.

Create a story and add it to any category (where you want it to run) with a Sponsored or Advertorial flag on it. Add a Custom Property of "highlight = true" to it, if you want it to have a highlighted background.

Sites should be careful about promoting the SEO value of Native Advertising pages. While these pages should be indexed by Google, links on the pages should not impart page rank to the advertiser, or else the newspaper risks getting dinged by Google for "paid links." Read this article from Google on the subject. If you are going to use the Sponsored flag, make sure there are no In-story links to the advertiser. If you use the Advertorial flag, an automatic No Follow meta tag is added to the page.

You can add it to a block as a Sticky Asset so it sticks to the top, or you can just let it flow naturally through your content.

In the Headline List block, you can see the sponsored content with a light yellow background.

1 - Native Advertising with Zen templates.jpg

On the Index Page it shows up as well, with a Sponsored Flag and an associated business (parent):

2 - Native Advertising with Zen templates.jpg

If the story is associated with a User Author (Business Owner) and a business parent, information about them will show on the story page.

3 - Native Advertising with Zen templates.jpg

If attached to a business, you can see analytics for the native campaign in the Business Summary report.

4 - Native Advertising with Zen templates.jpg

Flex Templates

On Flex templates, the set up is similar to Zen, but has a couple of differences. 

Create a story and add it to any category with a Sponsored Flag on it. The Sponsored by is automatically applied to the card.

If the parent business has a custom property of "promote_website=true" then clicking on the referring link will send you to the sponsor's website that is listed in the Website field under Info of the Business Directory listing. If the Custom Property is not set, then the Reference Link will send you to the Business Directory listing itself. 

Native Ads flex