BLOX Assets is an application that is used to create and manage the editorial content (aka "assets") on your site. Examples of assets include articles, images, videos, and more.

Help Topics


Asset Type Videos

Get a more in depth look at the Image asset, what the Presentation Modes do and when to use the Hi-Res image field. 

Learn how to use Collection assets to group assets together, and create photo galleries as well as Special Report type pages. 

Learn how to use an HTML asset to enter html code and preview the rendered code in the asset editor.

Learn how to create a URL link as a link asset, which provides all the benefits of an asset. 

Learn how to create a PDF asset, how BLOX extracts the text from the PDF to use as searchable content, and the options your users will have when viewing the PDF. 

Get a more in depth look at the Poll asset, how to create questions and answers, and graph options for displaying the results. 

Learn how to utilize .csv files to create table assets, create a table (rows and columns) manually, and how to manipulate the data and presentation of the table. 

Learn how to upload a video, recommended and allowable file formats, and how to create a still frame to represent your video.

Assets Manager Videos

Learn the importance of the Tags tab in content placement, asset categorization, and Search Engine Optimization. 

Learn how to add and manage Child, Sibling, and Parent assets, when to use Link assets, where to best manage Comments, and what the various types of Related Content are.

Learn how to use the settings and functions included in the Other tab of all Assets such as location information, archive date/time, broadcasting, and custom properties.

Learn what each button in the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor does to enhance the textual content of an asset.