FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is used to send files from one location to another via server. FTPs are used to transfer files that are too large to be sent any other way, such as photos and videos. Emails often have restrictions as to how large of a message can be sent. An FTP allows users to send large assets to a remote location quickly and easily. Common FTP clients include Filezilla and Core FTP but your site can use any FTP client. Your site will be provided with FTP account information from the Project Manager when the site is built and you have been given access to the site.

When a BLOX site is created, the following FTP directories should be setup:

  • data/feeds/media – this is for photos, videos, audio files, etc
  • data/feeds/articles - this is for XML files for editorial articles

You will use your FTP client to place your assets into the proper folder and a job is set up to pull in assets automatically. This job will run hourly. For more information on the settings that should be used when setting-up a connection within an ftp program please follow this link.