1) From the drop-down in the the upper left choose Editorial / Assets...

NOTE: Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here

2) Choose Article.

3) The Article: (new) window appears.

NOTE: In BLOX CMS, anything underlined in red is a required piece of information.

4) Type in the name of the article in the Title field.

5) Type the article directly into the Body copy field. If you intend to copy it from another word processing application and paste it into BLOX CMS, you will need to click on the Paste as Plain Text button and paste the body copy into the screen that appears.

4 how do i create a story in blox cms.jpg

6) Set the Start date/time field. If your article is to publish as soon as it is saved then this does not need to be changed.

7) In the Tags tab set the section this article should be in.

  • 7a) Click Add.
  • 7b) In Select sections choose the section(s) of the publication which this article is to be assigned.

8) In the Related tab you can add Child assets such as images and videos and YouTube assets.

  • 8a) Click Add.
    • 8ai) If your child asset already exists you can use Find assets.
    • Find assets:

      • If the child asset already exists use search to narrow your results. Click on the asset(s) you want to pull in and click Add selected assets.

    • 8b) You can also create a new asset by choosing the asset type (the process is much the same as creating a new article)
    • 8c) Other options are explained in... 

Inline assets:

NOTE: All Editorial Assets can be pulled inline in an Article Asset. They are displayed in different ways depending on the asset type and settings for each child asset. For more information on Article Designer Tools, Click Here.

9) To pull a child asset into an article click and hold the asset (image, video, YouTube, etc) and drag it into the story where you want it to appear.

10) A the bottom of the screen, click Save and close.