Video File Support Information

NOTE: Videos need to be .MP4 using H.264 encoding and AAC/MP3 audio codecs. The following video file types will be converted - .webm, .avi, .mov, .mpg, and .wmv to the MP4/H.264. Videos with a resolution greater than 720p will be forced down to 720p. Audio codec is converted to AAC if not already in that format. Video will be transposed based on detection (this is useful if taken on a phone and the orientation was wrong as it is also forced into a linearized format so that streaming works properly). 

The use of .MP4/H.264 w/AAC was selected as it has the widest audience coverage based on device and browser types most popularly used. If you get an error message, the video does not meet these requirements.

  • 640 x 360 Low Quality - This is the 1/4 size of the 720p HD TV standard.
  • 960 x 540 Medium Quality - This is the 1/4 size of the the 1080p HD TV standard.
  • 1280 x 720 High Quality - HD TV standard and is popular in phones.
  • Quarter sizes use less  bandwidth and will look better on the full 4/4 versions of those screens.
  • For best quality, encoding to 1024 kbps (or lower) on .MP4 files.

When loading a large file the screen will make the current window inactive.  You can minimize that window while the file uploads and perform other tasks.  When a file is uploaded and is going through a Conversion, the Video Asset will be locked (Save is Disabled). When the Conversion completes, the Video Asset will unlock for further editing. The maximum file size for upload is 250MB.

NOTE:  Video Assets that are .flv format, are no longer supported.  These types of Video Assets will now present a simple download link instead of an inline player.  HTML5 is supported in BLOX CMS. 

NOTE: The BLOX Video Player supports Video Ads that Pre-roll and Mid-roll. Mid-roll, however, applies to DFP ads only.

NOTE:  A still image of the first frame of the video is created when the video is uploaded but that can be changed by playing the video and pausing it at the desired spot and clicking the Capture Current Frame button. Clicking the Capture Current Frame button will give you a dropdown to set either the Poster or the Preview Image.

Video Players

  • Both Flex and Zen Template Video Players - The 'flowplayer mode functionality' has been replaced with 'videojs.ima mode functionality'. This technology is supported in BLOX CMS. BLOX Ads are supported and tracked and are available in Google Analytics as well.

How To Create:

Create a Video Asset

1. From the dropdown in the the upper left choose Editorial / Assets (Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here).  

2. Under the More option choose Video.

3. The Video: (New) window appears. In BLOX CMS, anything underlined in red is a required piece of information. Type in the name of the video in the Title field.

3 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg

4. Directly beneath the Title field is the area into which you will upload your video. Select New where it says Video, and choose the Import Source: 4a Upload a File or 4b Dropbox.

4 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg

4a. Selecting Upload a File brings up an Upload File dialogue window. Select Browse to search your computer or network for the desired video. Once the desired video has been located, click Open and then Upload File.

5 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg
6 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg

4b. Selecting Choose From Dropbox brings up the Sign In screen (for more on Dropbox, click here).

7 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.JPG

From your Dropbox files, click once on the file desired (ensuring that the file type is appropriate for the asset being created), then click Choose to import it into the new asset.

The recommended file types are .flv files and .mp4 (with H.264 video codecs and AAC audio tracks).  However, you can upload .avi, .mov, .mpg, .wmv and other commonly used video files. 

NOTE: Any file type other than .flv or .mp4 will be converted to .mp4 after uploading.  

8 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg

5. A Poster and Previews are auto-populated from the video selected. Author(s)Byline and Description can be added as desired. You can use Capture Current Frame to set a new Poster or Preview.

9 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg

6. If the Video asset is going to be attached to an article, this step can be skipped. If the video is going to stand alone on the front end, a Section tag is required. To the right of the main Video: (New) window are three areas: TagsRelated, and Other.  From Sections under Tags, select Add.

10 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg

This brings up the Select Sections screen from which you can choose the section(s) of the publication to which you want the asset assigned. Holding the CTRL key while clicking will allow the selection of multiple sections. When you are satisfied with the sections chosen, select Add Sections.

11 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg

7. From the bottom of the screen, click Save. The View button becomes active. Click View to see what your new asset will look like when published.  

12 - How do I create a video in BLOX CMS.jpg

8. When satisfied with the appearance of your new Video Asset, click the down arrow next to Save, and select Save and Close.

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