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Flex Page customizations can be set from Design / Blocks or Settings / URLs. For more information see Page customizations / URL Customizations.

Set Allow User Submitted Content to True on the sections that you want to allow readers to submit content to. For more information see Misc - Allow user submitted content.


This section applies to Flex.

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Under Contributed Content / New asset notification check Enable and type/paste the email addresses of people that should be notified when there are new user contributed assets. One email address per line.

Under Contributed Content / Filtering check Enable spam filter to use the BLOX spam filter to filter contributed content. For more information on BLOX spam filters see Spam Filtering.

Disable IPTC import will keep IPTC info on contributed photos from being imported. For more information on IPTC see Standards: IPTC Core & Extensions.

 Under Contributed Content / Filtering check Disable IPTC Import to keep BLOX from importing IPTC tags embedded in photos. For more information on IPTC filters see What is IPTC information and how does it get populated?

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 Click Save.

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 Flex - A link can be crafted that will allow you to determine what type of asset can be submitted, and to what section.

www.domain.com/users/admin/contribute/asset_type/?section=section_name, where www.domain.com is replaced with your site's domain, asset_type is set to the asset that the user can contribute (articleimage, and youtube are the only asset types available), and section_name is replaced with the specific section name.

NOTE: This URL could be used in a banner ad, or sent in an email to readers who have a good relationship with the site and are known to provide reliable information.

To add Contributed Content to a Section, just select the Section you want from the Section drop down menu. The main URL is in parenthesis behind the Section Title. If you want to select multiple Sections, use the CTRL/Left Click to select method on the Sections you want.


NOTE: This URL could be used in a banner ad, or sent in an email to readers who have a good relationship with the site and are known to provide reliable information.

 Go to Settings / Users / Public Profiles and open the User Public Profile Settings window and click on Contribution. Here you can set the properties for User Contribution.

  • Disable Contribution - This will override any settings you set in Step 1a and/or 1b. If Disable Contribution is checked the Contribute link will appear in the User Dashboard but the user cannot click on it.
  • Auto Approve Assets - will auto approve user contributed assets. User Contributed asset are set to Do Not Publish by default.
  • Auto Approve Blogs - if checked, it will approve all contributed Blogs, otherwise, User Contributed assets are set to Do Not Publish by default.
  • Blog Section - enter the path to your Blog Section.
  • Abuse Email - sets the email address that will receive abuse notifications. 
  • Abuse Threshold - sets the number of abuse reports a contributed asset can receive before it is Flagged as Abuse.
  • Profanity Filter - there is a default filter you can use on your site. If you created a custom one (Settings / Profanity Filters), it will be populated here. None is another option available.

For more on setting up Public Profiles, Click Here.

NOTE: Assets flagged as Sponsored or Contributed will be indexed by search engines, but will have nofollow applied so that bots do not search any links in the asset.