Using the Sponsored flag on an asset you can make a business in Marketplace / Businesses the sponsor of an article in Editorial / Assets.

 From the dropdown in the the upper left choose Editorial / Assets...  (Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here)

 Open the article asset you want to have sponsored.

Click on Tags / Flags. Click the checkbox for Sponsored.


NOTE: Assets flagged as Sponsored or Contributed will be indexed by search engines, but will have nofollow applied so that bots do not search any links in the asset.

Click Save and close for the article.

From the dropdown in the the upper left choose Marketplace / Businesses...  (Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here)

Open the business that will be the sponsor of this asset. 

Note: This business must be a Featured business. For more information about Feautured businesses see Businesses Workspace

Click on Related / Children assets.

 Click on Add. Click on Find assets.

 Set your search terms to TypeArticle, and Source application:  Editorial. You can narrow your search down by keywords, or by typing/pasting the name of the article into the Search text field. 

Click Search.

Click the checkbox for the asset you want to sponsor, and click Add selected assets.


Click Save and close.

Note: On the index page that the asset appears, in the block, you will have a Sponsored flag, and the name of the business. If you click on the name of the business it will take you to the asset page for that article. The Sponsored flag will also appear on that page, and the businesses infomation will appear in the left rail of the page.

index page.png
asset page.png