If you are looking to create a new article from the URL level you can enter the following string:


Ex: https://admin-chicago2.bloxcms.com/#/jhallerflex.bloxcms.com/editorial-asset&new=article

If you need to edit a particular asset and know it's UUID, you can use the following string in the URL:


UUID stands for Universal Unique IDentifier. It is a unique alphanumeric string that is generated and assigned to each asset by the BLOX system. The UUID of an editorial asset can be found by going to the live or preview version of the asset and at the end pf the URL look for .html. The alphanumeric string right before it is the UUID. It will start with the asset type, such as article, image, YouTube etc.:

Ex: article_6e2509ac-a4b9-11e8-8249-4fa7125d80ab.html

This is the asset type, followed by an underscore (_) the UUID and then .html.

This can be done for all asset types.