Note: For general information see Asset Workspace.


NOTE: Once the Poll has been created and used, changing the name of the Poll later will wipe out the data/results for that Poll.

Poll has one required field, Question



Description can be used to include additional information about the poll. 


Answers is where you will enter the list of answers, view the votes, and select what color you would like to represent the answer.

Pressing New under Answers will allow you to enter in the answers. There is a maximum of 40 that the system will allow, however the best practice is to keep the number of answers to less than 10. Each answer will have a color for the graphical indication for the number of times it was chosen when viewing results.  A color will come up by default but you can click on the color box and then either enter in a hex code for a desired color or selecting the down arrow will bring up a color palette allowing for a selection of a color.

4 poll.png

The Graph Type is used to determine what type of graph to display when viewing the results of the poll.

NOTE: When a pie graph has a lot of options and two or three options take up most the percentage, other choices with little to no percentage fall to an 'other' option and aren't display in results. 

5 poll.png

 You can not add a new category, but you can edit/change answer names after you save and close. 

Front End Examples

NOTE: Readers can view poll results on the front end without voting. 

Poll asset on the front end of a Flex site: