Note: For general information see Asset Workspace.


Audio has one required field, Title

required title - Article Audio Collection HTML Table Video ZIP

NOTE: Audio assets will show the title field when they are related as child assets. 

To upload an .mp3

To add an .mp3 file from your computer or network, click on New in Audio file. Select Upload a file. Use the Browse button in the Upload file popup to search your computer or accessible network. Select the .mp3 file, and the select Upload file.

You can also upload an .mp3 from Dropbox. For more information about using Dropbox to upload files please see the Using Dropbox to upload images doc.

NOTE:The acceptable file type is a mp3 file.  It is a good idea to use compression software to shrink your file size down as small as possible before uploading it.  Smaller file sizes will mean faster loading times for your site users.  Files larger than 8mb will need uploaded via a Processing Job.

Add, Change, or Remove a Preview Image

To Add or Change a Preview image in an asset...
You can add an image from your computer or network. Click on Change, then Upload a File. Use the Browse button in the Upload File dialogue window to search your computer or accessible network. Select the image and then select Upload File.

You can also upload an image from Dropbox. For more information about using Dropbox to upload images please see the Using Dropbox To Upload Images doc.

You can also add an image from an existing Image, YouTube, Video, or PDF asset already in your BLOX CMS. Click on Change, then Copy From Another Asset. Search for the image asset you are looking for, select it by clicking on the checkbox beside the name, and then click Add Selected Assets.

And finally you can remove the preview entirely by clicking on Change and Remove.

Best practice: You should have a preview image with your assets when applicable.


Description is used to caption the audio file and is displayed on the front end of the website. 

On Flex sites the Description shows up below the player.

See the Front end examples below to see what this asset could look like on the front end of your site.

Front End Examples

Each player has three control function on the player:  Play (), Mute (), and Download ().

Audio asset on the front end of a Flex site:

Flex front end - Audio.png (copy)