Note: For general information see Asset Workspace.

Creating a YouTube video through Syndication...

YouTube videos should not be created from within Editorial / Assets anymore. You should have Editorial / Syndication set up on your site, that will pull YouTube videos in from a specific channel, or from all of YouTube. You will then be able to add YouTube assets to Editorial / Assets from Editorial / Syndication.

For more information see How do I set up a YouTube syndication channel?

Because everything is loaded through Syndication, you do not need to fill in any of the fields. You can change the Title, Description, Start date/time, and Display Priority. You can also edit the change the Preview

Note: The YouTube Preview image shows up on the index page, in the block. The image that shows on the asset after you press play, but before it starts playing, is set through YouTube and cannot be altered through the BLOX CMS.

If YouTube assets are pulled in through Editorial / Syndication they will carry the description from the original YouTube video. If the YouTube video is created manually in Editorial / Assets it will NOT bring the description into Blox CMS.

NOTE: To work with this BLOX application you will need to be granted access in Settings / Users / Groups. If you do not see this application in the drop-down in the upper-left of your BLOX CMS desktop, or for more information about groups and getting access to different parts of your BLOX CMS admin please see Groups - Recommendations / Best Practices. The site administrator at your location should be able to grant you access, or you can contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX CMS admin (for more information see Ticket Workspace) or by going to Customer Support. Or you can call 800-293-9576.

3 youtube.png

Note:  If you are using a YouTube video that someone else created, you may get an error message "The Content Owner Has Disabled Embedding of This Video."  This prevents the YouTube video from being ran on a 3rd party site.  If you receive, "Failed To Establish Connection To YouTube" error message, it indicates that network or internet traffic is likely congested.  You should try again at a later time.


Description is used as a caption for YouTube videos. Please see the Front End Examples to see how this will show up on your pages.


There is a WYSIWYG editor for basic formatting of the asset text. Within the WYSIWYG you can format and align text, add inline comments (for your staff only), find and replace text, create numbered and bulleted lists, add horizontal rules and simple tables, add special charcters, edit the text's html source code. You can also embed video/media widgets, pull in Twitter Tweets, and Page Breaks. For more information on WYSIWYG, see What Does Each of The WYSIWIG Buttons Do in The Asset Editor?

Many HTML tags are automatically stripped from an asset in BLOX when the asset is saved.  BLOX uses the PHP tidy filter to attempt to clean code that may have errors.

HTML tags that will be stripped:

  • doctype
  • html
  • head
  • style
  • body
  • iframe

HTML tags that will not be stripped:

  • script
  • object
  • form, input, select
  • img
  • comments

Other tags will be converted to XHTML valid tags:

  • <i> becomes <em>
  • <b> becomes <strong>
  • <font size="5"> becomes <span style="font-size: large;">

Tags that are stripped out except in specific situtaons:

  • BR tags in general are removed if they are outside of "block" level elements

NOTE: If you want to keep the BR tags, you can put them inside of a block-level element, such as a div tag, and they should remain. Note that the div is counted as a paragraph as far as ads or paging in BLOX CMS.

NOTE: Inline elements, such as inline photos, can't be placed inside of a block-level element. So when you save it will be placed outside of the div.

Paste as Plain Text

If you are copying text from another program such as a word processing program, you should use the Paste as plain text button to paste in your text. This will ensure that any special characters that are not web friendly get removed. This is especially important if pasting in from Microsoft Word or any other rich text editor that adds font tags in the source code. You use CTRL + C to copy, and CTRL + V to paste in the Paste as plain text window.

Inline Notes

Inline Notes allows you to leave comments within the article text that are visible in the admin only. These notes do not appear on the front end of the website, and your readers will never see them. Inline Notes are NOT searchable in the admin.

Note: Inline notes do not transfer if an article is syndicated to another site (see Editorial / Syndication for more information about sharing assets between BLOX websites).

To create an inline note, place the cursor where you want the note to appear, click the mouse button, then click the inline notes icon. After you are done typing your note, move the cursor to the next location and continue editing the asset. Alternatively, you can highlight any existing text that you would like to be turned into an inline note, and select the inline notes icon. 

To remove an inline note, highlight the text and click the inline notes icon. This will remove the inline notes pencil icon. Then delete the text from the note.. If you do not remove the text manually, it will become part of the article and will be available for your readers to see on the front end.

Insert page break allows you to place a line that will break an article into multiple pages.

To create a page break, place the cursor where you want the note to appear, then click the insert page break button. This will place a broken line indicating where the page break will occur. On the front end, this will create forward and back buttons at the top and bottom of the article.

Note: This is for Flex only. Insert page break will add a horizontal line if used on Zen templates.

Note: When the page is printed out, the forward and back arrows along with the page numbers will be removed.

Add, Change, or Remove a Preview Image

To Add or Change a Preview image in an asset...
You can add an image from your computer or network. Click on Change, then Upload a File. Use the Browse button in the Upload File dialogue window to search your computer or accessible network. Select the image and then select Upload File.

You can also upload an image from Dropbox. For more information about using Dropbox to upload images please see the Using Dropbox To Upload Images doc.

You can also add an image from an existing Image, YouTube, Video, or PDF asset already in your BLOX CMS. Click on Change, then Copy From Another Asset. Search for the image asset you are looking for, select it by clicking on the checkbox beside the name, and then click Add Selected Assets.

And finally you can remove the preview entirely by clicking on Change and Remove.

Best practice: You should have a preview image with your assets when applicable.

Front End Examples

On Flex templates, YouTube could display like this on the index page:


And like this on the Flex asset page:


On Flex templates, YouTube could display like this on the index page:


And like this on the Zen asset page: