NOTE: To work with this BLOX application you will need to be granted access in Settings / Users / Groups. If you do not see this application in the drop-down in the upper-left of your BLOX CMS desktop, or for more information about groups and getting access to different parts of your BLOX CMS admin please see Groups - Recommendations / Best Practices. The site administrator at your location should be able to grant you access, or you can contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX CMS admin (for more information see Ticket Workspace) or by going to Customer Support. Or you can call 800-293-9576.

Note:  You need a Field59 account to create this Channel (visit Field59's Website). You will also need to be part of the Syndication Manager group.

Field59 Metadata

The following Metadata will come over to BLOX CMS for Field59 Videos, if they are part of the Field59 Video asset in the first place.

  • Field59 Title - Maps to Title in BLOX CMS Video asset
  • Field59 Summary - Maps to Description in BLOX CMS Video asset
  • Field59 Keywords - Maps to Keywords in BLOX CMS Video asset
  • Field59 video Thumbnail - Maps to Preview in BLOX CMS Video asset



From the drop-down in the the upper left choose Editorial / Syndication...

NOTE: Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here

 Accessing Application Settings

To open Application Settings, click on the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Admin.


 In Channels, click New on the toolbar.  This opens Create Channel.


Select the radio button for Field59, then click Continue.


Provide a Channel Name, and your Field59 Username and Password.  Click Save once you have filled in those fields.


Note:  Field59 assets are pulled in as HTML assets.  Field59 Video's are converted to a regular BLOX CMS Video Asset (to learn more, Click Here).  Workflows are available to help Newsroom efficiencies.  Workflows are setup in Workflow Settings.

Category Mapping

Your publication is always able to assign or re-assign assets from any syndication source to the section(s) of your choice.  To map categories for a channel, click once on the channel to highlight it, then click Category Map from the top of the Channels sub-panel.  The Category map for that channel appears.

To assign a section to unmapped categories or uncategorized assets, simply click on the line to select it, then click Edit

This opens the Select Sections window.

Assets from AP can retain their section assignments when they are imported to your site. However, if you want to change those assignments, you can create a different Category Map by selecting Add.

This brings up the Add Category Map Rules window. Select the section(s) that you want, then click Add Rules.

You also have the option to Import/Export a Category Map (Export creates the .JSON file and downloads it into your Downloads folder and Import allows you to upload a .JSON file).

Once you've made your selections, click Save and they will appear on your Category Map screen.

 The next step is to select the Field59 Channel in Search Terms on the left.


The Results section will populate automatically with results coming in on the Field59 Channel. These are not full content assets. You get a Thumb View image of the actual Asset. To Add an Asset, double-click on it and then click on Add To Site button or the dropdown Arrow to the right and click Add as Link instead if you choose. Or highlight it and click on the Add To Site button in the toolbar.