Note: If you will be charging for anything through this product you will need a Payment Handler. For more information see Payment Handlers.

Note: This product is an add-on to your BLOX website, for information about adding it please contact your regional sales rep. If you are not sure who your sales rep is, or you do not have their contact information, please contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX CMS admin (for more information see Ticket Workspace) or by going to the Customer Support page. Or you can call 800-293-9576.


BLOX Ad-Owl is an application that is used to manage the classified ads that have been submitted by users on your site. Ad-Owl requires that a classifieds publication first be created, and then ad categories can be built beneath it. After your publications and categories have been established, PackagesUpsells, and Custom Fonts can then be setup, allowing front-end users to create engaging and attention-getting classified ads.

Admin users must be granted specific access to the Application Settings.

The on the right-hand side is where admin users can modify the options and settings for the Ad-Owl Workspace. This area can be accessed by selecting the Gear icon at the top of the Ad-Owl Workspace

1 - Ad-Owl Manager Application Settings.jpg

Application Settings

2 - Ad-Owl Manager Settings.jpg