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Within the Configuration , admins can create categories for a publication.

  • Category Name: The name of the category. This field is required.
  • Classification: A classification code can be included within a category. This code is used to map over to categories when the order is promoted into an online ad. 
  • Description: A description of the category can be included. This description will only be available to users within the BLOX CMS and won't display on the front-end.
  • Do Not Allow This Category To Be Selected For Ad Orders Checkbox: If checked, the category will be unavailable when placing ad orders.
  • Disable Collection of BLOX Classifieds Fields: If checked, collection of BLOX Classifieds fields will be disabled.
  • Disable collection of BLOX Classifieds locations: If checked, collection of BLOX Classifieds locations will be disabled.