Note: This product is an add-on to your BLOX website, for information about adding it please contact your regional sales rep. If you are not sure who your sales rep is, or you do not have their contact information, please contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX CMS admin (for more information see Ticket Workspace) or by going to the Customer Support page. Or you can call 800-293-9576.


In the Packages , admin users can create packages for a publication by clicking on New.  You can also Duplicate an existing Package by right clicking on the Package and then select Duplicate from the alternate menu.

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To create a new package, select the + New button. This will open an Edit Package window. The Edit Package window consists of four bed windows: ConfigurationScheduling and limitsDate RulesCategories & Upsells, and Style.


Within Configuration , admins can set up basic package settings for a publication.

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Package Name: The name of your package. This is a required field.

Package Type: The type of package. Options include: Print and Online or Print Only.

Payment Type: The type of payment. Options include: PaidFree, or Conditionally Free.

Approval: The approval method. Options include: Manual or Automatic.

Online Classifieds Market: The classifieds market. Options include (none) or Default.     

Description: A description can be added to describe the package that is being offered. This will appear on the front-end.

Formula: A formula can be added. Formulas are used to configure the rates for the different Packages and Upsells within Ad-Owl. For more information about Formulas, please see the Formulas doc.

Disable on front-end checkbox: Place a checkmark in this field to prevent this package from being used on the site's front-end. The package will still be available for use in preview mode, however.

Packages that utilize Free Payment Types will not have a Formula within the Edit Package Window.

Scheduling and Limits

Within the Scheduling and Limits , admin users can setup ad run lengths, contact information, print ad limits, and other scheduling settings for a package. 

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The Scheduling and Limits  is made up of three areas: 

1. Ad Run : Choose whether a package has either a Variable Length Ad Run or a Fixed Length Ad Run. You can choose either days or weeks. 

Start online ad immediately - If checked, the online classified ads generated from order approval will start immediately and end according to the order's end-date.

2. Print Ad limits : Print ad limits can be entered here. Enter Min and Max values for LinesWords, and Letters.

3. Online Ad Limits : Online ad limits can be entered here. Enter Min and Max values for Letters. Set the Max number of images you want to allow. Leave these fields blank if you don't want any.

Date Rules

Within the Date Rules , admins can set up the various date behaviors for a packages.

The Date Rules  is made up of three main s:

1. Start Date Rules : In this admins can set up the start date rules for a package.

2. Run Date Rules : In this admins can set up the run date rules for a package.

3. No-Run Date Rules : In this admins can set up the no-run date rules for a package.

The Date Rules  is setup in the same way as the Default Date Rules  when publications are being created. For more information on Date Rules, please view the following section on the Default Date Rules 

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Categories & Upsells

Within the Categories & Upsells , admins can assign Categories and Upsells to a package by placing a checkmark in front of the corresponding option.

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Discounts allow you to reduce a customer's charge, by either a flat amount or a percentage. Click here to learn how to set up Discounts

NOTE: If two or more discounts are applied to the same package and the times/dates the discounts are active, they cannot overlap or an error will be generated.


Within the Style , admins can modify the style of a package. To add a new style, select the + Add button. This will open an Edit Style Rule window.

The Style  is setup in the same way as the Default Style  when publications are being created. For more information on modifying styles, please view the following section on Default Style .

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