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Within the Configuration , admin users can set up basic publication settings and contact information.

Publication Name: The name of the publication. This is a required field.

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URL: The base URL where Ad-Owl has been setup. To assign a URL, choose the Magnifying Glass icon to populate a Select a URL window. Next, expand the URL map out by choosing the + button next to the default map. Once the correct URL has been selected, choose the OK button to finalize your selection. Select the Preview button to view an un-cached version of the URL that was chosen.

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Before proceeding to assign a URL to an Ad-Owl publication, the URL first needs to be created. In addition, the URL also needs to be configured using the Ad-Owl application and corresponding skin. For more information about creating URLs, please view the following documentation: URLs.

  • Online Classifieds Category Map: Choose a classifieds category map using the dropdown menu.
  • Payment Handler: If a payment handler is being used, it can be selected using the dropdown menu.
  • Notification Email Address: Enter an email address of a person that should be notified whenever an Ad-Owl ad is submitted.
  • Business Name: Enter an email address of your business. When an ad is created, the ad purchaser will be presented with this business information.
  • Person/Department Name: Enter a staff member and/or department name. When an ad is created, the ad purchaser will be presented with this contact information.
  • Phone Number: Enter a phone number for ad purchasers to call in the event they have questions or need assistance.
  • Disable on Front-end: Place a checkmark to prevent the publication from being used on the site's front-end. It will still be available for use in Preview mode for testing, however.
  • Allow View/Renew In Dashboard: Allows users to view and renew ads via the User Dashboard interface.  The User Dashboard can be configured to send users to an Ad Owl URL when Creating a Classified Listing.

NOTE: To Manually Configure the "Create Listing" URL to the publication of your choice, check the Allow View/Renew checkbox then click Save and close out of the Edit Publication window.  Now go to Settings / URL's, select the /user URL and click on Edit, then on click Customizations and expand Classifieds.  Enter the URL in the AdOwl Publication URL field.  For more information on the User Dashboard see the User Dashboard (Flex only) doc.

NOTE:  User submitted Ads are deleted after one year.