Classifieds Application Settings - Jobs - Baseview - Source

Location (required): Enter the path for the feed file you wish to upload

Separator: You can change your column separator. Default is /n

Title RegexRegex used to grab the ad title. All captures are concatenated by spaces and total regex is removed from ad content. Defaults to <h1>([^<]*)</h1>

3 Append Text: Text appended to the end of each ad

Asset Type: Ad (text), Image, Coupon, Product, PDF/Display Ad, Real Estate, Vehicle

Generate ID: ID will be generated based off category and content

Ignore Images: Image references will be ignored and stripped from content

Automatically Link URLs: Parser will attempt to linkify URLs in the ad content

7 Automatically Link Emails: Parser will attempt to linkify emails in the ad content


Classifieds Application Settings - Jobs - Baseview - Settings

1  Job Name: (Required)

2  Category Map: (Required) By default, Classifieds is available.

3  Market: Select the Market to apply.

4  Default Category: This is used when the Module is set to tncms_classifieds. This will then assign the Ads to the specified BLOX Classifieds Category.

5  Life Cycle: Set the Life Cycle for this job. By default, it reads the Date that is provided from the Feed. If Expire On Import is checked, the job performs a comparison with the last known processed file and sets any current asset to Deleted status if the same asset is not in the current feed file, but was in the last known file. Typically only used when the destination module is set to tncms_classifieds. You can set the number of days for it be Removed as another option.

6  Assign Business: By default, None is selected. If you want to Assign a Business, look it by using its Auxiliary ID Provider (found in Marketplace / Businesses Application Settings). You can also opt to Direct Assign Business ID. If you select that option, an Add / Remove link appears. You can enter the Business ID Number (found in the Business URL on the front end or in the ID Column in the Marketplace / Businesses Admin) or click on Add to open the Business Directory.

7  Disable This Job: Setting to Disable the Job.

8  Run This Task Automatically: Setting to Run the Job automatically.

9  Save: Saves the settings you've made.


Classifieds Application Settings - Jobs - Baseview/CSV - Notifications

Log Email: Email address where you want the log information sent to

Log Level: What log do you want sent. Options include: Info, Fatal, Error, Warning, Notice, Debug, Progress

  • To see the full job output, they should generally set the log level to 'info'. If they only want to see when problems happen, they should set it to 'error'.
  • 'Debug' and 'Progress' are typically used for debugging.
  • 'Info' and 'Notice' are used for any events that are expected to happen during the course of normal processing. 'Info' will catch all of these.
  • 'Warning' is generally used for situations where nothing is technically broken, but something potentially unwanted has happened or is happening.
  • 'Error' and 'Fatal' are for actual problems. Technically, 'Fatal' is specifically for errors that cause the process to die, and 'Error' is for any other legitimate problem, usually resulting in a record being skipped. Some parsers log Fatal events at 'Error' level for some reason. 'Error' will catch all of these.


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