Saved Search Follow allows readers to "follow" an author and be notified via email daily of new content from the author.

This feature is turned on by default, but can be turned off in Design / Blocks / Page customizations / Misc

1 - Saved Search Follow

NOTE: Use of the Saved Search Follow requires that readers be registered and logged into your BLOX website (through the BLOX Registration - you can also use Facebook and OpenID registration through BLOX registration, but you could not use this with other 3rd-party registration systems). If your site is not using BLOX Registration please turn off this option following the directions above but setting Followed notifications to false.

Best use of this option relies on the paper's staff making use of Author field in assets. For more information on the Author field see Asset Authors / Photographers.

At the bottom of an article the reader will find a box with the authors avatar, bio, and a green box that says Follow (author's name).

4 - Saved Search Follow

If the reader is NOT logged in they will be asked to log in. If they have not registered on your site before they will be given the option to register.

5 - Saved Search Follow.jpg

Once they register / login, or if they were already logged in, they will be able to sign to get email notification from that author.

6 - Saved Search Follow.jpg

If you choose Save you will see a popup telling you your notification has been saved.

12 - Saved Search Follow.jpg

You can then choose to Manage saved notification, or...

If you choose Manage followed notifications you will be taken to the Manage followed notifications portion of your User Dashboard. For more information on the User Dashboard see the User Dashboard Overview (Flex only) doc.

7 - Saved Search Follow.png

Here you can rename the notification title.

NOTE: This notification title will be the subject line of the email you receive. If your readers are concerned they are not receiving their emails they should check their Spam folder, and set their Spam filter to allow emails from to go to their Inbox.

8 - Saved Search Follow.png
9 - Saved Search Follow.png
10 - Saved Search Follow.jpg

You can also delete the saved search.

11 - Saved Search Follow.jpg