PGP ("Pretty Good Privacy") is an email encryption system which can be applied to your email client and used in conjunction with BLOX CMS to protect such things as credit card numbers sent in by your readers.

The PGP email encryption system works through the use of two keys, a private key and a public key.  The private key is downloaded to your email client when the PGP software is installed. The public key would be provided to any entity sending sensitive information (i.e. BLOX CMS).  Once installed on the BLOX CMS's system, all emails sent to your email client will be automatically encrypted and signed using a unique cipher which can only be decoded by the holder of the private key (you).  So, when an encrypted email is received, your email client will apply the private key, verify the sender and decode the cipher so that the message can be read and acted on.  Once both keys are in use, the PGP encryption system works behind the scenes; providing both the sender and the receiver with secure information.

For more information on the PGP Desktop Email System or to purchase the product, go to:  http://www.symantec.com/desktop-email-encryption.

Why Do I Need to Encrypt Email?

TownNews.com enforces a compliance policy with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards.  The PCI Data Security Standards impose rules on how credit card information is utilized over the internet, and mandates that all such information be encrypted during transit from the internet to an individual or business's email client.  To comply with these rules, we require that any form that collects credit card information and then emails that information uses some sort of encryption.  One way of accomplishing this is through PGP encrypted email.

I Have PGP Email Encryption - Now What?

If you choose to purchase the product, you will receive a public key and instructions on either your order confirmation page or in a separate email.  Once you have the public key, contact TownNews.com's Customer Support team at 800-293-9576 so that your BLOX CMS Manager will have access to the PGP keys option under BLOX CMS > Settings.   

Some Managers already have this option, others do not.  Please check your Settings menu to see if the option is visible to you prior to contacting Customer Support.  

Once your publication has access to the PGP keys, the public key can be installed on BLOX CMS.  Double click on BLOX CMS > Settings > PGP keys, then click New from the top left of the Edit PGP Keys window.

Paste your public key into the box.  Click Save.

Using information provided within the key, BLOX will autopopulate the email address to which forms processed with this PGP key will be sent, as well as the user name and key expiration date (if any).  Many publications will have multiple PGP email services set up, if this is the case, follow this process to add each PGP public key separately so that various forms and subscriptions can be sent to the correct email account for processing. 

Any BLOX CMS Manager which allows you to set up PGP services, such as Subscriptions and Forms, provides you with a drop down option from which you can select the appropriate PGP email client to which secure emails from that Manager should be sent. 

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