Open graph (og) meta tags allow you to control what content shows up when a page is shared. The settings below are now available on a URL basics. 



This setting allows you to customize your page title when sharing through OG tags. 

NOTE: og_title will only show the title of the asset. Site URLs or sections will not be shown in the page source


This setting allows you to customize your website's name when sharing through OG tags.


This setting adds an og image tag. It will represent your image as an object tag when Facebook parses your page. Asset photo/preview takes precedence over this setting -> asset photo/preview -> og_image -> facebook_share_img.

Note: This image MUST be at least 200px x 200px. Facebook recommends using images that are at least 1200px x 630px. For more information see Facebook Developers Best Practices. 

Note: Facebook will NOT accept any image smaller than 200px x 200px and TownNews will NOT pass the image if it is less than that.


Note: The site setting facebook_share_img is deprecated.


This provides support for Facebook’s “article:publisher” open graph tag. When that tag is used articles shared in the news feed will display a “like” button linked to the sites Facebook page.

The value for og_publisher should be the identifying portion of your Facebook business page URL (i.e. if your business page URL is "facebook.com/cnn", you should provide the value "cnn").