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URL Labels can be used to insert a page name, like "News," or "Cardinals baseball". If used, they will show up throughout the page in places where the URL or section is displayed (such as above summary blocks). 

label news.png

URL Labels are optional. If there is no label the URL/section display will fallback first to the Page Title. If no Page Title is available, the URL name is used.

page title copy.jpg

URL Labels can help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by adding a label to the page, so that there is now another layer in the search process. Using URL Labels in combination with other page elements will create the richness of keywords that is helpful for SEO. Here is an example of how various page elements can be used together to help SEO:

  • The Page Title can be longer and contain more keywords. It will continue to be used as the title tag element (the title displayed in the browser's tab and as the headline in search engines).
  • The URL Label can be used for display purposes on the website. It can be short and to the point.

Apply URL Label

From the dropdown in the the upper left choose Settings and then click on the square for URL maps... (Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here)

Create a New URL (for more information see URLs, or select an existing URL by double-clicking the name).

new URL.png

Click Page properties

Provide a Label.

URL Labels

Click Save changes.