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Clicking on Logged in as provides access to Preferences, Connections (to establish sitewide connections to 3rd party services like Twitter), Edit Account settings, Feedback (the TownNews.com Customer Forum), and Log Out.



Preferences provides access to Default Asset Start Time, Default Asset Workflow, Default Asset Author, and Rich Text Editor Font Size.

Default Asset Start Time


Default Asset Start Time opens the Set Default Asset Start Time window. Use this preference to set the default start time to use for all new assets you create.

Note: This preference will last only for the duration of your session. After logging out and logging back in the system will revert to using the current date and time until you set this preference again.

Note: The default setting is the Current Date/Time. Setting the Default asset start time is helpful if you are going to create multiple assets that you want to have the same start date and time.

Default Asset Workflow

Setting up a Workflow is a system setting that you can create a step-by-step process in which to create assets that involve other staff members and/or departments.  The Default Asset Workflow, when used, provides the option to Promote (step forward) the Asset to the next step in the workflow or to Demote (send it back).  You'll find the Promote and Demote options on Save Dropdown on the Asset itself.  For more information see Workflows Settings.

Default Asset Author


Hovering over Default Asset Author opens a screen where you can select to Automatically set yourself as the author of assets you create?


  • No (default) - an author will need to be manually added to each asset
  • Yes - you will be added as the author to each NEW asset you create in Editorial / Assets

Note: This function can also be set in Editorial / Assets / Application settings / Asset settings / General. For more information see Assets Application Settings.

Rich Text Editor Font Size


Hovering over Rich Text Editor Font Size opens a screen which allows you to select the type size in the admin.


  • Normal (default)
  • Large
  • Extra large

Note: You will need to logout and back in for this change to take effect.

Note: This only affects the size of the text in the admin. It has NO effect on the size of the text on the front end.



Connections is basically a shortcut to the Broadcast settings.  Currently Twitter is the only Broadcast Connection that has a shortcut here but you can set up others (ie: Facebook) in Settings / Broadcast (for more information, Click Here. When you hover your mouse on Connections, the Broadcast Connections available appear.


Click on the Connection, a Connection window will open.  Click on the Connect To Button to connect.


This will take you to a Sign-in page for your account.  Enter your Login Credentials then click on the Authorize App button.


Next you'll see a Confirmation window to connect to your TownNews account.


Once a Connection has been established, the option you'll see is Revoke Connection

Edit Account


Edit Account opens the Edit User Account popup to your account. Here you can edit the Identity, Profile, Social, Content, Avatar, and Authentication options. For information see Accounts Workspace.



Feedback links to the TownNews.com Customer Forum, where customers can share ideas, and ask questions.

Note: Though TownNews.com representatives often participate in discussions, this is not a customer service site.

Note: You can contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX admin (Support / Ticket for more information please see the Ticket Workspace doc) or by calling 800-293-9576.

Log Out


Log Out will log you out of the BLOX CMS Admin.