Using Workflows

Do not publish - Editorial Assets.png

When a new asset is created it will be set to Do not publish automatically, and a check will appear in the box beside Do not publish under Other / Miscellaneous properties.

The asset is NOT automatically set to a Workflow

Set Workflows Automatically


All assets that a particular admin user creates can be set to a specific Workflow automatically. When that person is logged into their BLOX CMS admin account they need to click on Logged in as: in the upper-right corner of the admin.

Mouse over Preferences and click on Default Asset Workflow.


In the popup window, select the default workflow that all future assets should be assigned to when that admin user creates an asset. Click on Save Changes.  

change workflow or change publish status - Groups.png

These preferences are tied to that users admin email address, and therefore will set the Workflow regardless of what browser or device they log in from. For information about other Preferences that can be set, see the Admin User Preferences doc.

If this admin user user is part of a group that has access:

  • Ability: Editorial / Assets / Workflows - Change workflow
  • Options: Change workflow

...they will be able to uncheck the Do Not Publish checkbox and publish the asset. If they are assigned to a group that does NOT have that access, the Do Not Publish checkbox will be checked, but will also be grayed out so that they cannot uncheck it.

Regardless of access level of the creator the asset, tThe creator of the asset, or any admin user that opens that asset in the BLOX CMS admin, can change the asset to any Workflow they are a member of. If they are NOT a part of a Workflow, they will see it in their list, but they cannot select it. To change the Workflow of an asset, open that asset in the Editorial > Asset application, go to the Other tab of that asset, and open the Workflow tab. Under the Workflow dropdown you can change the workflow.

Working With Assets Within a Workflow

When working with Workflows within the Editorial / Assets you will normally promote or demote an asset between Process steps when you save the asset (see Promote / Demote, Save and Close below). But you can manually change the Workflow and /or Process an asset is assigned to (if you have the correct permissions. For more information see Manually change Workflow and Manually change Process permissions above).

Open the asset and click on the Other tab > Workflow. Select a Workflow and/or Process using the dropdown menus. Then click the Save button to save the asset as normal.


To promote or demote the asset using the Save button, click the arrow to the right of the Save button and choose Promote to "(next step in the process", save and close to send the asset to the next level up, or Demote to "(previous step in the process", save and close to return the asset to the previous owner.