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TownNews Customer Support encourages you to review the Service Level Goals concerning response time, after hours support, third-party relationships, and other service areas. For more information see Customer Support & Service Level Goals.

There are many ways to contact, but when you're experiencing issues, are unable to do what you would like to do within BLOX, or simply don't have the permissions or certifications necessary to make a desired change, submitting a Support ticket is generally the best way of getting in touch with us, and a ticket provides our staff and you a historical reference to the request/issue.


From the drop-down in the the upper left choose Support / Ticket...

NOTE: Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here

NOTE: To work with this BLOX application you will need to be granted access in Settings / Users / Groups. If you do not see this application in the drop-down in the upper-left of your BLOX CMS desktop, or for more information about groups and getting access to different parts of your BLOX CMS admin please see Groups - Recommendations / Best Practices. The site administrator at your location should be able to grant you access, or you can contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX CMS admin (for more information see Ticket Workspace) or by going to Customer Support. Or you can call 800-293-9576.

Note: If you receive an error message stating "This is not an active account and cannot be used for this purpose" when attempting to access the Support / Ticket application, please have your publisher either contact Customer Support at 800-293-9576 or submit a support ticket at to have your CRM account enabled.


2 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

Ticket is divided into four sections:

  • Ticket Search: This panel allows you to search for existing tickets using adjustable search criteria.
  • Saved searches
  • Search Results: Displays the results from the Ticket Search.
  • Preview: Displays a preview of the selected ticket.

Ticket Search

You can search for Tickets using the Ticket Search panel on the left side of the screen. This panel has eleven ways to do a search. You can use just one or multiple search queries at the same time and when you're done with the search, simply click the Reset button to view all tickets again.


For more information see Ticket Search.


   Saved Searches is located below the Search Terms . You can save a custom search query for future use in the Saved Searches.

   For more information see Saved searches.

Search Results

In Search Results you can:

  1. Create New Tickets.
  2. View Tickets, including set up a Watch, and Update the ticket, or
  3. Preview Tickets, including set up a Watch, and Update the ticket.

Note: To provide yourself with the largest possible workspace, minimize the Ticket Search and Saved Searches by clicking on the chevrons in the upper right side of Ticket Search.

Search Results is divided into two sections, the top portion displays all tickets, or the results of the latest search. The bottom portion displays a preview of any selected ticket. Both portions have menu selections at the top of the respective section.

8 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

New Ticket

Note: If you do not see the New button within your Admin, you may not have a CRM account. Contact your publisher so that he/she can coordinate with our Customer Service team by either calling (800) 293-9576 or submitting a support ticket at to have the account set up..

Clicking the New button at the top of the Search Results brings up the Create Ticket window.

9 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

Complete the form using the drop down menus or field entry blanks.

Customer: The name of your publication.

Domain: Your publication or group's domain.

Subject: An open entry field in which you may enter a brief description of the issue or request.

Status: The dropdown options are Open or Closed . As this is a new ticket, the default is Open . Under normal circumstances, you would never need to change this to Closed .

Priority: The dropdown options are Low, Normal, High, and Critical . The default priority is Normal . If the issue is time critical and creating a serious issue with your publication, change the priority level to that required by the situation. Our staff may also re-prioritize as the issue is resolved.

Category: The dropdown options reflect numerous systems, subsystems, processes and features. If you are unsure what category to select, choose Unclassified - Unclassified . When staff receives the ticket, it will be categorized appropriately. It is always better to be less specific when creating tickets so that it does not initally go to the wrong department and have to wait to be re-assigned.

Message: Enter a free-text message here with as specific detail as possible, include links when able. In addition, if you have a specific email address, phone number or person who should be contacted for more information or for phone assistance, provide that here. You will be able to add attachments and supporting information to the ticket from the View screen.

10 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

When you are satisifed with the content of the ticket, click Save to submit.

A View screen appears in which you can see your ticket. At the top of the screen is the Ticket Number . Jot this down, as it will be the easiest way to search for the ticket later should the need to do so arise.

11 - Ticket Workspace.jpg


The View screen appears in one of two ways: either you've just submitted a ticket, or you've selected the Subject Line of a ticket from the Search Results panel and clicked on View .

12 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

The View Ticket screen offers several pieces of information and options.

Across the top of the screen you can see the Ticket Number, and directly beneath that is the Subject text that was entered in the ticket was submitted. To the right are Watch Ticket and Update options.

13 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

Directly below the subject text are two tabs: Information and Attachments .


The Information tab displays in the top section the basic information of the ticket.

14 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

The bottom section displays the text of the original ticket, as well as any additional information either added by staff as they work to resolve the issue, or provided by you, the customer, as we request more. In either scenario, the date and time of all updates, as well as the person or group making the update is clearly noted on the left side of the screen.

15 - Ticket Workspace.jpg


While attachments cannot be added in the Create Ticket window, they can be attached from this screen. The top of the Attachments screen has four options:

  1. Add: Add a file
  2. View: View a selected attachment
  3. Download: Download a selected attachment to your server or computer
  4. Delete : Delete a selected attachment.
16 - Ticket Workspace.jpg


To add a file to the ticket, click Add . The Upload file pop-up window appears. Select Browse to search your network or computer for the desired file. When the desired file is located, select Upload file to append it to the ticket. The attachment will then appear in the Attachments tab.

17 - Ticket Workspace.jpg


To view a file that is attached to a ticket, click the file to highlight, then select View .

18 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

The file will open in a separate browser window. When done, simply close the browser window.


To download a file that is attached to a ticket, click the file to highlight, then select Download .

19 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

The file will be downloaded to your network or computer.


To delete a file that is attached to a ticket, click the file to highlight, then select Delete .

20 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

A confirmation screen will appear, select Yes to delete the selected attachment, or No to leave it on the ticket.

Watch Ticket

From either the Information or Attachments tab, you can select Watch Ticket . Clicking on Watch Ticket adds you to the list of Watchers (Contacts) who receive an email anytime the ticket is updated. The email received appears as follows:

21 - Ticket Workspace.JPG


When Watch Ticket has not been selected by anyone, the list of Watchers (Contacts) within the body of the Information tab displays ' None '.

22 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

After Watch Ticket has been selected, the button changes to Stop Watching Ticket, and the list of Watchers (Contacts) within the body of the Information tab displays your name.

23 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

If you no longer want to be notified of the progress of the ticket, select Stop Watching Ticket to remove yourself from the list of Watchers (Contacts).


If you need to update a ticket with new information, you can do one of two things. You can update the entire ticket by clicking Update . Or, to reply just to a specific part of the ticket, highlight that portion of the ticket to which you would like to reply, then click the dropdown arrow next to Update and select Reply to selected text .

Note: If you cannot update existing tickets, you may not have a CRM account. Contact your publisher so that he/she can coordinate with our Customer Service team by either calling (800) 293-9576 or submitting a support ticket at to have the account set up.

Clicking Update brings up the Edit ticket screen.

24 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

Add the necessary information in the Update box, then click Save . The ticket will update throughout the system, and all Owners and Watchers will be notified of the change.

Selecting a portion of the ticket and clicking Reply to selected text brings up the Edit ticket screen, with the highlighted portion of the ticket at the top of the Update box .

25 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

Add your update to the selected information, and click Save . The ticket will update throughout the system, and all Owners and Watchers will be notified of the change.


The Preview screen appears on the bottom half of the Search results panel. Within this screen, you can see the entire textual content of the ticket (no attachments), including updates along with the name of the person making the update as well as the date and time of the update. Preview has the same Watch ticket and Update options as View Ticket does.

26 - Ticket Workspace.jpg

The Preview pane can be minimized by clicking on the double chevrons in the upper right corner of the screen. This will maximize the screen size of the ticket listing in the upper half of the Search Results panel.